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For the Ross’s martial arts is way more than just a pastime. Over the years, martial arts helped create a bond and motivation within their own family that has stayed with them everywhere they go. And now, that bond has led them to share their knowledge at Sneads Ferry Athletic Club.

The Ross’s firmly believe in the power of community support. When you’re training at Sneads Ferry Athletic Club, you’ll be expected to put in the work and constantly push forward. But you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll have a team of instructors and peers there to guide you, keep you encouraged, and remind you that the sky’s the limit for everyone who steps in the door.

Sneads Ferry Athletic Club


Here at Sneads Ferry Athletic Club, our staff is the secret to our student success. Each instructor has a rich background in martial arts and is eager to train the next generation of martial artists. Meet the team below!

Owner and Head Instructor

Professor PJ Ross

Professor Pj Ross is an Alliance BlackBelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Johnny Faria, certified USA Boxing Coach and Muay Thai Instructor.  She has been a competitive athlete since she was a young girl and fell in love with combat sports while her husband was stationed in Japan with the Marine Corps.  Over the last 12 years she has trained with some of the best teams in the world and is currently expanding her skill set to include judo and wrestling.  She is recognized for making history, fighting in the first ever women’s MMA bout in Okinawa, Japan in 2014.

As a business owner, military spouse and Mother she knows the importance of hard work, consistency and camaraderie. She is passionate about giving her students the tools to protect themselves, building their confidence and helping them reach personal fitness goals. Over the last five years Professsor Pj has shifted her focus from being the athlete/competitor to fully dedicating herself to teaching.  She has worked with beginners, hobbyists, amateur fighters/pro fighters, military and now owns her own school where she teaches and prepares students for competition.

She believes that martial arts has not only made her family better as individuals but is the glue that holds them together. “By showing up and doing the work every day you will develop something money cannot buy; discipline, confidence, resilience and friendships that last will a lifetime.”


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Coach Ross

Coach Ross is an active-duty marine of 19 years who recently finished a successful tour as a Drill Instructor to the world’s finest, the United States Marines. He is recognized for his excellence in transforming individuals into leaders during his time on the depot winning all competitions and titles every cycle.

Coach Ross is an Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt under Johnny Faria. He has been studying Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years in the states as well as overseas and as a result has had the privilege of training with top level athletes from the number one school in the world.

His desire to better himself and the athletes he mentors led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sports psychology. He aspires to better understand how to help athletes overcome mental and physical obstacles to help them reach their fullest potential on the mats and in life. “Everyone is looking for that one thing that will kickstart a change in their habits. Martial arts will change you inside and out one training session at a time, as all great things are achieved through resilience, hard work, and dedication.“

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Mini Eagles Primary Instructor

Coach Celia

Coach Celia began training jiu-jitsu when she was only four years old,  in Okinawa, Japan.  Over the last 11 years she has spent thousands of hours on the mat learning, growing, competing and teaching.  Her vast knowledge and understanding of the sport literally comes from growing up in it.  Not only does she maintain a 4.0 grade point average but she works, wrestles for her H.S. and serves in her church and community.  At 16 she is the primary instructor for our mini-eagles.  To put some things into perspective, Coach Celia has the same amount of time on the mats as Professor!  She isn’t a regular blue belt. Your average adult blue belt knows the very basic jiujitsu fundamentals and can be eligible for promotion with in a year… a teen who is in the adult ranks has most likely been training their whole life,  jiujitsu is engrained in them!

* Safe sport trained, CPR & AED certified

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Assistant Boxing Coach

Coach Savana

Coach Savana is a blue belt in brazilian jiujitsu and has been boxing for 2 years.  Being an athlete here entire life, Coach Savana fell in love with the art of boxing after her very first class. She maintains a strict and consistent training regime, assists with coaching and is preparing to take her first amateur fight.  She has been mentoring under Coach Pj the last 6 months to transition into teaching the beginner fundamental boxing classes and is currently working on finalizing her credentials through USA Boxing.. Her professionalism and experience in high level sports and competition has made for a smooth transition into boxing and we are so lucky to have home-grown coaches!!!!

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